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Own production
years on the market
Installation of windows
according to DSTU and DBN
5-year warranty
Full payment after
installation of windows
Roller shutter automation
One push of a button and your roller shutter opens and closes quickly and effortlessly
Advantages of the Trend Series
Roller shutters Trend is an optimal combination of a favorable price and good quality workmanship
Durability of operation
more than 5 thousand lifting and lowering cycles of the web
Sun protection
protection of indoor plants and objects from exposure to sunlight
Noise isolation
reduction of the noise level in the room by 2-3 times
Popular colors
color in any of the 7 most popular shades
Trend fit perfectly
For objects with strict geometry
classic types of boxes are harmoniously combined with clear lines of the exterior
For typical objects without requirements for burglar resistance
Trend roller shutters perform basic security functions
For homes with lots of sunshine
lowered roller shutters save you from the heat, allowing you to save on air conditioning
Benefits of the Prestige Series
Roller shutters Prestige - a variety of design solutions. They have increased functionality, allowing you to create a cozy atmosphere in the house for a comfortable stay.
European quality
products are in demand in the market of more than 65 countries of the world
Double protection
roller shutters with a built-in mosquito net additionally prevent insects from entering the room
Individual design
a variety of box shapes and a wide range of colors
High strength and wind resistance
resistant to adverse atmospheric precipitation and wind gusts up to 37m / s
Prestige fit perfectly
For objects made in any architectural style
various box shapes are ideal for any architectural solution
For connoisseurs of quality and reliability
roller shutters are certified for safety, wind resistance and meet the requirements of more than 20 national and international standards
For objects located near water bodies, parks and forests
roller shutters with a built-in mosquito net will allow you to fully enjoy your vacation without mosquitoes and dust
Security Series Benefits
Security roller shutters improve the quality of life, reliably protecting household members and guaranteeing the safety of property around the clock
Guaranteed protection
ideal solution for banks and jewelery stores
Certified safety
roller shutters comply with European Union standards in the field of product safety and quality
Resistant to deformations and increased wind loads
Security roller shutters will withstand even hurricane winds
Individual design
variety of box shapes and color palette
Security fit perfectly
For objects requiring increased protection
excellent solution for offices, banks, jewelry stores
For houses located far from settlements
Security roller shutters protect the house from intruders
For regions with high wind loads
a unique solution is available - anti-hurricane systems "ALUTECH"
Profile type
Perforated profile allows you to control daylight as you like

Mosquito net

Convenient and practical solution in one common box allows you to open and close roller shutters and mosquito net independently of each other
Box shapes
Several forms of boxes for surface mounting - round, semicircular, 20 ° and 45 °, as well as built-in boxes

Guide rails

Considering the design features, there are: standard and special (angular, spacer, double)
Control options
and comfort
roller shutters and gates from 1 remote control
at any stage
Harmony with any exterior

Roller shutters are suitable for any exterior, emphasize the originality and general style of the house.

Fits perfectly into the exterior of urban buildings

Will organically fit into the exterior of any buildings: historic city blocks, office buildings in hi-tech style, etc.

Weather protection
Protection of windows from rain, snow, hail, wind. Maintaining a comfortable room temperature in the heat.
Attractive appearance
Thanks to constant quality control of the coating applied to the roller shutter elements.
Popular turnkey solutions
Roller shutters Trend series
PD / 39N unperforated profile, basic theft protection
Roller blinds Prestige series
AR / 40N unperforated profile, standard anti-theft protection
Roller shutters Security series
AER44M / S anti-theft profile, maximum anti-theft protection
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